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[Introducing] Free tool for comparing logo concepts in one image

We’ve just released a handy new tool which you can use for free here.

What is it?

Have you ever been browsing Facebook, LinkedIn, Dribbble, or any other similar network, and see someone on the feed saying something like…

“I’m getting a new logo for my business, which one of these do you prefer?”

Then people comment ‘I prefer logo 1’ etc. in the comments?

Kinda link these examples:

I see this all the time.

And it gets me thinking 2 things:

  1. Why are clients creating these images themselves?!
  2. Why don’t designers give these comparison images to their clients with their design brand also on it?

So we decided to make the process of creating these images super simple.

How do I use it?

It’s super easy.

  1. Just add all of the logos that you’d like to compare.
  2. change the background color of each logo where relevant.
  3. Download the image.

It really is that simple.

Here are some images created with the tool:

So give it a go now by going here: https://www.letscommence.com/logo-comparison-generator

Let us know what you think of the tool in the chat or by emailing joe@letscommence.com