The super simple way to collect your client's logo design brief

  • Replace your outdated Word/PDF brief doc
  • Get more detailed logo briefs from clients
  • Less time chasing clients for their brief

A crystal clear briefing process.

The brief is super easy & enjoyable to fill out, yet full of the details you need to do an amazing job for your client.

What style of logo will your client prefer? Masculine or feminine? Budget or luxury?

Does you client have an opinion on which colors should be used?

An online briefing process for professional designers.

LetsCommence lets you understand what logo design your client is going to love, before you even start designing.

Beautiful logo brief

Clients actually bother to fill out the LetsCommence logo brief template. Why? Because we've made it easy, fast, and crystal clear - with you and them in mind.
Coming soon: brief template library


Receive a notification when your client has completed your brief.
Coming soon: automatic client reminders

In the cloud

Ditch those nasty PDF, Word, or Google Docs based brief questionnaires for an easy to use brief where progress can be saved and returned to from anywhere.
Coming soon: API integrations

How it works

Easily share your brief

Send your client the perfectly optimised LetsCommence logo design brief.

See an example brief

Client completes brief

The simple and engaging questions takes just 5-10 minutes to answer.

Receive completed brief

Get an instant email alert when the brief is completed, then easily view the results online.

See an example overview


Designers from around the world LetsCommence

My clients tell me they love the questions in the brief and how easy the process is. It's amazing... it really makes them think about what logo design they want.

Phil - Graphic Designer
United Kingdom

I spend much less time reworking concepts since using LetsCommence. It gets me on the same page as my client as soon as the project starts.

Diana - Logo Design Specialist