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Lets Commence is the simple way to replace your old, static logo design questionnaires with a delightful interactive experience that your clients will love.

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Phil, UK
"I can't believe I continued to use my Word .doc questionnaire for so long! LetsCommence is amazing."

Diana, Ukraine
"Clients love the LetsCommence questionnaire. Makes my life easier, and makes them appreciate your work even more."

Stop guessing what design your client will love.

Let them tell you!

Better for Clients

Clients don't know what makes a good brief. Information they provide is often enough to get started, but not enough to do a great job. Lets Commence makes your client consider the important stuff, getting you on the same page as them much faster.

Better for Designers

Starting a logo design without knowing enough about your client's business context is hard. The more context you have as a designer, the more effective a logo you'll be able to create. Give your clients accountability and get them to support you with requirement writing.

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Create free questionnaire

Or view an example questionnaire

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